This Week in Food: Sriracha Cookbook, Culinary Language Cliches, and Octopus Tacos

Another week, another batch of goodies after the jump!

I got annoyed

that GOOD Magazine ripped off the name

of its GOOD Food section from the radio show

Good Food

, reported on the weird op-ed piece in America's largest Armenian newspaper

decrying that there are Turkish-cooking classes in Orange County

, and

offered five words or terms that need excising from food writing NOW


Dave wasn't very thrilled with the Chomp Chomp Truck, gave us a recipe for lasagna rolls, and schooled us on what an egg cream REALLY is.

Edwin got drunk at the Auld Dubliner and wondered why McDonald's in Japan would stuff its "Miami" hamburgers with tortilla chips. Gotta stuff in some croquetas, coños!

Finally--but definitely not leastly--Michelle discovered the Sriracha cookbook, while Shuji enjoyed the "gourmet" tacos at Haven Gastropub's new effort, Taco Asylum. Me? I'm sticking to the two-tacos-for-a-buck-and-free-pineapple-juice deal at Tacos El Chavito in the Slater Slums.

Happy eating!


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