This Week in Food: David Cross As a Ham Sandwich, Perfectly Grilled Wieners, and Coffeehouse Lingerie!

With a headline like that, you know we had a great week 'round here. More after the jump!
Shuji found a film in which David Cross plays a heroic ham sandwich and debuted his new column, Grill Marks, by teaching us how to properly grill hot dogs.

I found out that a California man was mistakenly arrested in North Carolina after sheriff's deputies thought the masa he was carrying was cocaine, wondered about the origins of the California burrito, and reported on the latest Mexican-food genre: Bro-Mex.

Dave railed against five food ingredients he thinks should be banned for two decades, put two local lobster-roll luxe loncheras to the Dueling Dishes battle, and discovered two new luxe loncheras roaming the streets of la naranja.

Michelle wrote about the controversy in Garden Grove involving Vietnamese coffeehouses and prudish police, discovered the world's most expensive bowl of pho, and did a post on Wasasco, wasabi-flavored Tabasco. Must kick like a mule!

Anne Marie went On the Line with the guy behind Peter's Gourmade Grill, found out that local gal the Sticky Pig is appearing on the Food Network, and reported on a new film series at Taco Asylum.

Edwin realized Hugh Jackman is appearing in a PBS series about Korean food, found out what it's like to work at Taco Bell, and was sad upon hearing Alton Brown is retiring Good Eats.

Happy eating!

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