The Ultimate Wish List: Tequila Tasting & Chef Dinner For $250,000

The Ultimate Wish List: Tequila Tasting & Chef Dinner For $250,000

In the hierarchy of department stores, Neiman Marcus ranks right up there with places we're not comfortable visiting under-dressed (sporting a Ulysse Nardin watch with torn jeans doesn't count). So to kick off the holiday season, the elitist brand announces their most inconceivable over-the-top picks for those living the dream. While 98% of us would rather occupy with a roof over our heads, the rest of the county can unload a family heirloom for the greatest meal ever sold: dinner for 10 by a quartet of chefs.

All for the delicious cost of $250,000. Whaaat?!?!

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Of course, it's all in the details; the sweetest one being your hosts-- French Laundry demigod Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud of DANIEL, Bocuse d'Or co-founder Richard Rosendale and Bocuse d'Or 2013 team captain Jerome Bocuse. One lucky buyer also utilizes the party planning services of one Bertha Gonzalez, the first certified Maestra Tequilera and LA Times Magazine's "First Lady of Tequila" from Casa Dragones. Did we mention the personalized, engraved crystal bottles of tequila?

We'll assume you've got one kick-ass kitchen, because that's where this is going down. A taste of greatness is for only one lucky shopper, and all proceeds will benefit the Bocuse d'Or USA Foundation. To learn more, pull out your Centurion Card and click here.

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