The Luxe Lonchera Invasion Continues: Kala Truck

Cochinita sliders
Cochinita sliders
Anne Marie Panoringan

You may have encountered a new lonchera at your local lunch stop lately. Serving their version of "Artful Mexican Cuisine", Kala Truck hit the streets a couple of weeks ago.

At the heart of the operation is Lupe, an entrepreneur ready to show us what she can create  out of her mobile kitchen. While a more comprehensive review is more appropriate for our jefe-- we're taking a moment to discuss a couple of menu items.

While we did try their tacos, we forgot to order the mushroom quesadilla and enchiladas. The pork used in Kala's sweet piggy tacos can also be found in their pretzel roll sliders. Garnished with pickled red onions, cilantro and crema, you can sense the flavorbomb. Just don't get too full off of the bun.

Citrus quinoa
Citrus quinoa
Anne Marie Panoringan
The other "You're kidding, right?" moment was when we spotted quinoa. It appeared more Uncle Ben's than healthy grain. One loving spoonful, however, and we kept most of it to our selves. Feather-light and fluffy, the onion and tomato garnishes keep it from becoming one-dimensional. This is a healthy side with your lunch, or a light vegetarian entree.

If the thought of checking out this lonchera in action makes you hungry, they've done their job. For more information, check out their website at this link.

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