The Great Food Truck Race: Can Anyone De-throne Nom Nom?
Courtesy of Food Network

The Great Food Truck Race: Can Anyone De-throne Nom Nom?

Never underestimate the power of people who've been churned through the Anderson School of Business machine. This week's episode of Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" showed that an ounce of amazing marketing savvy can overcome a pound of unfamiliarity with the product. The Nom Nom Truck folks are smart... scarily smart.

Caution: spoilers below!

For the third week in a row, Los Angeles' Nom Nom Truck was on the top of the rankings, selling well over $2,000 worth of bánh mì and Vietnamese-inspired tacos, $5 and $2 at a time. Their secret? They've got to be glued to Chowhound, Yelp and any other nexus of foodism; upon arrival in Fort Worth, they headed straight to Texas Foodie Central, the Central Market, and were able even to parlay their marketing skills into butchery services by the market's white-clad folks with large knives.

Sadly, it was the end of the road-eo for Gaston, the truck run by OC's own Crêpes Bonaparte; while they made an impressive beef special crêpe after being "gifted" a hundred-plus pound quarter of a cow, it was not quite enough to seize the coveted belt buckle (oh, Texas...) from L.A.'s Grill 'Em All truck. They're at the Anaheim certified farmers' market every Thursday; stop by and show your support.

Meanwhile, the casting for Season Two is underway; click to the and vote for some of your favorites. Today's votes of mine went to Piaggio on Wheels, incidentally; go kick some culo, Jose!


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