Chef Manny is ready for autumn
Chef Manny is ready for autumn
Photo by Kevin Lara/OC Weekly


When our 2014 Best Seafood Restaurant schedules their Fall Beer Dinner, it's the best of both worlds. Five seasonal courses by Manny Gonzalez paired with unique tastes by their brewmaster. It's worth fighting the afternoon commute for.

For $60 (before tax and gratuity) and one 6:30 reservation, we've got your TAPS menu. First course: Corn and Spanish ham fritters accompanied by their Pumpkin Ale. So delicious, we wrote it up as a Drink of the Week a while back. To view the rest of your dinner service, keep reading.

Next is Spanish octopus with a refreshing glass of Helles, a German-style lager. The midway point includes Oktoberfest and baby scallops. The richest course is president-approved, thanks to lamb paella washed down with malty, Thomas Jefferson Ale. Gonzalez wraps it up serving almond & olive oil cake plus a drinkable pour of Biere de Garde. We're making the dinner our "cheat" meal and tacking on another morning at the gym.

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