Photo by Christopher Victorio
Photo by Christopher Victorio

Support KCRW and Evan Kleiman's Good Food!!

I think I speak for all of us here on Stick A Fork In It when I say I'm a huge fan of KCRW's weekly Good Food radio show and the work of host Evan Kleiman, producer Harriet Ells, their reporters and engineers. We're such big fans that OC Weekly brought Evan down to Orange County for two Happy Hour events in 2011.

As members of KCRW ourselves, and as guests on the show (Gustavo - regularly and myself - sporadically), I remind you that producing such an awesome, wide-ranging show isn't cheap. While you can enjoy their hard work for free, you could also listen as a member of the station instead, and the ongoing pledge drive is the time to put your money where your food-loving pie-hole is. Speaking of which, have you downloaded Evan's Easy as Pie app?

Good Food airs tomorrow at 11 a.m. as it does every Saturday. During pledge drives, they'll have lot of premiums like restaurant gift certificates to give away on air, and you can play the "I'm gonna wait until something really great spawns" game. Or you can cut to the chase and and pledge right now at or by calling 800-600-KCRW.

This year, the Weekly will ask Evan down for even more Weekly + KCRW Happy Hour socials with our readers for craft-y cocktails, delicious happy-hour food, and raffles for free foodie swag! Come down and hang out with Evan, but do it as a KCRW member!

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