Beware . . . It's not your average lemonade.
Beware . . . It's not your average lemonade.
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Skip And Go Naked...

While out at a local bar, I was introduced to a new drink:

Girl: Have you heard of a Skip And Go Naked?

Bartender: No . . . Is there guaranteed nakedness?

Girl: Yes, if you add enough vodka.


Okay, so, it's essentially a spiked lemonade, but Skip And Go Naked doesn't go the typical "just add vodka" route. No, it's the "just add vodka and cheap beer" route. Coors Light to be exact.

Begin by buying a giant pitcher--this is a drink to be consumed poolside and in large quantities--and a container of Country Time Lemonade. The lemonade has a recipe label to give you the proper proportion of lemonade powder to water, except in this case, water will be replaced with beer. To make one quart of Skip And Go Naked, you will need to add about three cans of Coors Light. The tricky part comes with the vodka . . . how messy do you want to get? As you can tell by the name, this drink can and will sneak up on you. So, add as few or as many shots to the pitcher as your liver desires.

Just don't plan on driving anywhere after downing a pitcher of Skip And Go Naked. First, you'll get arrested. Second, you will be too busy streaking down the block anyway.


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