Seal Beach Restaurant Week Kicks Off Tuesday

Seal Beach Restaurant Week Kicks Off Tuesday

While Forkers don't need an excuse to check out a new place to dine, others require a nudge. Restaurant weeks are one way for the less adventurous to get out of their comfort zone. Reduced prices and tasting specials cause less damage to our wallets, and dining rooms get butts in seats. Win-win.

Our westernmost neighbors in Seal Beach are changing the rules of traditional restaurant weeks. For starters, the organizers are all restaurant owners-- Jason and Rebecca Schiffer, along with Beachwood BBQ's Gabe Gordon. Starting on the 12th, Devour will run through Saturday with 11 participating establishments, "...creating a new customer buzz through accessible, unique food experiences." per Gordon. Plans to wrap up the week with a cooking competition are also in store, but more on that later.

Participating restaurants in their first annual event include: Walt's Wharf Waki Sushi Thai on Main Taco Surf Main Street Wine Cellar Hennessy's Grill The Hangout Crema Cafe The Abbey Beachwood BBQ 320 Main

Prix-fixe menus run between $11 and $30, depending on time of day. And yes, drink specials are also offered. On Saturday, all establishments will participate in a chili cook off in the Hennessey's parking lot. Supporting the Los Alamitos Education Foundation (LEAF), a $10 ticket includes a chili and/or cornbread sample from each restaurant. Just be sure to pace yourself, or all those beans will catch up in a bad way.

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