Planting of GMO Corn Banned in Mexico, Birthplace of Modern-Day Maize--YAY!
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Planting of GMO Corn Banned in Mexico, Birthplace of Modern-Day Maize--YAY!

Sorry I'm a bit late to this news, but it's been a rough month for us Mexicans, what with news that tequila is doomed, with our soccer team's horrific underachievement on its crawl toward the World's Cup, and the general madness that is Latino Heritage Month.

But finally, some great news: a federal judge in Mexico has issued an injunction banning the planting of genetically modified corn. HELL YA!

You're going to have to know the habla to read the best account of how this momentous decision arose (via the fabulous newsweekly, Proceso), but the decision came after years of lobbying by activists who noted that Mexico--the birthplace of modern-day maize and its cultivation--knows a little bit about how to create various disease-resistant strains of corn, given Mexicans in one form of tribe or another, have been doing it for millennia.

The ruling has understandably caused joy across Mexico and the anti-GMO world, but it's also not as far-reaching as you would think. The judge in question didn't ban the import of GMO corn into Mexico--and in this globalized society, Mexicans are just as likely to eat corn from Minnesota as they are elote from Puebla. And, Mexico being Mexico, you can fully expect Monsanto and other multinationals to magically have their will be done, and government officials magically have a shinier watch than before...but in the meanwhile, let's all celebrate with some huitlacoche and esquites, in honor of corn!

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