Pitfire Artisan Pizza Now Open In Costa Mesa

Pitfire Artisan Pizza Now Open In Costa Mesa

When did everybody start doing a pizza concept? Was it Pieology, Pizza Press, or Blaze? Let's not forget the limericky Fuoco and an upcoming Olive Branch. I reckon us Forkers have a potential throwdown for next year. Just sayin'.

A Los Angeles-based chain has tossed their glove in the doughy ring. As of today, Pitfire Artisan Pizza is officially open to the public. If you're wondering how they plan to distinguish themselves from those other brands besides a signature red wood-fired kiln, we've got answers.
For starters, pasta options like farfalle with fennel sausage and curly kale for the non-pizza crowd. Those with a sweet tooth can debate between that notorious smothered cookie and vanilla soft serve topped with dark caramel (or Guittard chocolate sauce). We'll be busy pairing our meal with house made sangria.

Patrons will also find an adjacent test kitchen and private event room for whatever life event you want to celebrate. A self-contained 5-year-old's birthday while you order a pint of something hoppy sounds win-win to us.

Pitfire Artisan Pizza is at 353 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, (949) 313-6333. www.pitfirepizza.com.

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