Pie-Not, Australian-Style Yummies, Opening May 1! Here are the Specials

Pie-Not, Australian-Style Yummies, Opening May 1! Here are the Specials

Yesterday, we hooked you up with major Bruxie scoopage. Today, we've got the goods on our incoming Aussie posse on Costa Mesa's 17th Street, adjacent to Sidecar Doughnuts. Pie categories, pricing and even descriptions straight off their final menu are ready to share. What are we waiting for? Absolutely nothing.

Management encourages you to "use your hands if you're piehard fans" by gesturing with your open palms (Although the drawing looks more butterfly shadow puppet than dessert gang symbol.) They offer a total of a dozen pie options, with half considered Standard, and the rest noted as Premium.

One standard we desire is called Brekkie. For $5.50, it starts with their dog's eye filling of premium ground beef plus finely diced onions. Pie-Not then adds extra sharp cheese, back bacon(!) and cherry tomatoes. If that's not enough under a shortcrust pastry shell, then pull out your camera phone: It's finished with an egg topper.

For vegetarians and gluten-free diets, go for their Vege Patch. Utilizing a rice flour shortcrust pastry, it's stuffed with a medley of garden vegetables seasoned with herbs de Provence. Sounds like a reasonable alternative to the meat fest.

Another buck more, and we're in Premium pie territory. A Rockin Chook ($6.50) features chunky chicken breast, apricots, saffron, pine nuts and sultanas (i.e. seedless raisins, not sultan concubines). Talk about complex flavor profiles. Mary's version has ground lamb seasoned with roasted garlic and rosemary, in addition to diced onion and the always welcome back bacon. They are definitely hitting savory notes with these.

Other pastries offer smaller bites for less than five bucks. A second vegetarian option called Broc Top ($4) finds Cheyenne goat cheese, cauliflower and broccoli tops combined in a free range egg quiche. That's practically brunch for us. Even more quirky to the average eater is their Ghandi ($4.50). Studded with potato, carrot and butternut squash pieces, this pastry parcel uses ground beef spiced with sweet Indian flavor.

Last, but never ever least, Pie-Not's got Sweet Treats. We'll start with a Slice of Heaven ($3): rich homemade caramel filling, layered on a sweet shortbread crust, and finished with a thick, milk chocolate topper and sea salt. Finish with a Hot Date--their specialty scone dough incorporating chopped soft Medjool dates. The kitchen recommends eating it warmed with some butter. We need a drink!

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