They've hit a double!
They've hit a double!

Out Of The Park Pizza Announces Second Location

A place better known for their brews than pies, Out of the Park Pizza recently shared that a sister location was in the works. How are they celebrating? By selling some beer! Duh.

Bottles upon bottles of inventory are being unloaded at reduced prices to make room for new craft whiskey barrels in Anaheim. The party appears to be nonstop over there, as karaoke and flashback nights are local favorites.

Neighboring Buena Park will soon welcome another Park as they move into the corner of Ball Road and Valley View. It'll occupy an end spot once used by Season Ticket Family Pizza, a token-driven place yours truly has frequented for a few children's parties. Those speed bumps kind of suck, by the way.

They are enlisting volunteers for a demolition party, if smashing stuff is your thing. Are you a web design wizard? Even better, since they're also hiring for a website makeover! Bet they'll be open to trading services.

Out of the Park Pizza will open at 6038 Ball Rd, Buena Park.

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