An Elvis sandwich
An Elvis sandwich

On The Line: Oge Dalken of Chapter One: The Modern Local, Part Three

For the final segment of On The Line, Chef Oge shares the sandwich that doubles as dessert. A hint of sweet, a hearty savory, and lots of salivating; behold the Elvis. To catch up on this week's interview, click here and here.



8 slices Challah bread
12 ounces Grand Marnier French toast batter
12 ounces peanut butter coconut spread
4 bananas, split in half
6 ounces clarified butter
8 ounces syrup

Grand Marnier French toast batter:

5 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 tablespoon orange rind
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
4 tablespoons Grand Marnier
4 tablespoons orange juice
1/4 teaspoon salt

Wisk together eggs and milk. Add remaining ingredients. Mix well.

Peanut butter coconut spread:

4 tablespoons shredded coconut, sweetened
1/2 cup unsweetened peanut butter

In a small bowl, combine both ingredients until well blended.


Cut Challah bread into 1 1/2 inch slices.

In a large pan add clarified butter. Heat over a gentle flame until very hot. As pan is heating, dip the bread into the batter and coat thoroughly. Place bread in pan and cook until golden brown. Turn the bread over and repeat.

After you take the bread out of the pan, place it on a paper towel to drain off excessive oil. Then take your split banana, place it on the grill or a non-stick pan and caramelize it.

To assemble, grab one slice of bread and lay it on the plate. Spread half the peanut butter coconut spread over the bread, add the split grilled banana on top of the bread, then spread the remaining peanut butter coconut on the top slice of bread and lay on the banana. Top with syrup or place it on the side.

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