Matt & Max know their branding
Matt & Max know their branding
Dustin Ames

On the Line: Matt Meddock and Max Schlutz of Sessions Sandwiches, Part Two

As we explained earlier, Sessions is a sandwich restaurant. But in fact, they've expanded their menu to include some morning offerings like The Notorious P-I-G (Virginia ham, smoked bacon, sausage, baked eggs and Vermont cheddar on an everything bagel. What?). At dinner, try their flatbread concept of Flavor Town (meatballs, creole mustard cream, mozzarella, arugula and shaved Parmesan.). And remember to order the chips made in-house. Addictive.

Read the first part of our interview with Matt and Max over here. Then keep the party going by continuing with our second part below.

Hardest lesson you've learned: Matt Meddock: Being successful takes A LOT OF HARD WORK!!! Max Schlutz: Trust your gut.

Last song playing on my radio: Meddock: Warehouse by Dave Matthews Band. Schlutz: #41 by Dave Matthews Band.

How did the two of you meet? Schlutz: We met through our business partner, Beckham Thomas.

Where did you grow up? Meddock: I grew up here. Schlutz: Newport Beach, CA.

What's your favorite childhood memory? Meddock: Beach time. Schlutz: Travel-- summers spent at Martha's Vineyard, Chicago, Oahu, Florida. etc.

Last thing you looked up online: Meddock: I just looked up how to drink Yerba Mate properly, the way they do it in South America. Schlutz: OC Weekly chef interviews.

When you're not working in Sessions, what are you doing in your free time? Meddock: I'm spending time with my wife and kids, or surfing. Schlutz: I'm a consultant for Taco Bell, helping develop a new concept called US Taco and Urban Taproom.

Max: Are you still practicing law? Schlutz: I gave up visiting orange jumpsuits for orange cayenne glaze. While I recognize the truly great benefits of law school and how it taught me to think, I am a restaurant lifer.

Matt: When you went from doing marketing to being a paramedic, how did you make that choice? Meddock: I made that choice by talking to my wife long and hard about it. We made the decision that you only live once, and in order to make dreams come true you must take chances. Sessions is high risk, but a risk we are willing to take, and so far it was a good decision. Most of my good stories about being a paramedic people will not want to hear. And if they do, I'd be more than happy to share them at Sessions sometime.

Do you have any skills that aren't food-related? Meddock: I am a people person; most of my skills revolve around being that. Schlutz: I was a college athlete in tennis, though those skills are waning. I also grew up playing the piano, and have run my fair share of marathons.

Sessions Sandwiches is located at 2823 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, (949) 220-9001;

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