On The Line: Kyle Owens of Allspice Eats, Part Two
Photo by Eleonor Segura

On The Line: Kyle Owens of Allspice Eats, Part Two

Kyle took a break between meal deliveries to explain how Allspice Eats fits into active lifestyles, "If you don't cook and you're going to the gym, you're spending your money on food somewhere. So why not have a dedicated resource that's going to take care of your fitness needs by providing your body with the fuel to finish your workouts."

Read our interview with Kyle Owens of Allspice Eats, part one. And now, on to part two . . .

When you're not cooking in the kitchen (or making deliveries) what are you doing? When I have spare time apart from business, it is spent with my wife and kids. We enjoy walks on the beach and various trails. Being outdoors with the family is great. I also make time for my own workout routines, which recently includes getting started with CrossFit.

Strangest thing you've ever eaten: When I was in high school, my art teacher had me try roasted ants. If I recall, it was an Australian delicacy. He considered it extra credit if you ate some, you didn't have to partake in some other assignment. It had a very burnt, bitter type of flavor. It wasn't very good, definitely something you'd have to grow accustomed to. I'll try anything once.

Do you have any skills that are non-food related? I used to be really good at cutting hair, and actually considered becoming a barber at one point. I have two boys, six and three, so I go to town on their heads.

How does CrossFit factor into the equation? The majority of CrossFit athletes are familiar with the Paleo diet. CrossFit athletes give it their all each and every workout. I think this diet provides them with the proper fuel their body requires to endure the rigorous workout routines that they have become so accustomed to.

Last movie watched; how was it? Rented After Earth. A bit of a let down.

Last thing you searched online: ESPN-- catching up on the MLB Playoff scores. I'm not rooting for anyone, but it's one of those things where I like the underdog story.

What exactly were you doing in the IT industry prior to Allspice? I did a little bit of technical sales within the federal government space, but the majority of my time was spent as a technical support engineer for a company that manufactured data storage solutions and back-up devices.

Favorite childhood memory: One of my favorites is being carried out of Yankee Stadium by my father at about age three. I fell asleep at some point during the game. I can remember my dad being happy about them winning.

For more information regarding Allspice Eats, check out www.allspiceeats.com.

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