OINK! Marche Moderne's "Head to Toe" Pig Dinner Is Back

OINK! Marche Moderne's "Head to Toe" Pig Dinner Is Back

While we don't need an excuse to feast on piggy parts, Marche Moderne's Florent Marneau uses the change of seasons as his culinary reason for celebration. Case in point: " The Pig Head to Toe & choucroute Alsacienne" kicked off last night on the Penthouse level of South Coast Plaza.

For those of you salivating over chef's possible interpretations of pork, look no further for the listing.

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Traditional sides include pressure cooked sauerkraut, Weiser Farms German butterball potatoes and a strong Moutarde de Dijon. For the hearty price of $30, this can be dinner through November 11. Of course, what meal is complete without a stein of biere or glass du vin? Pairing options featuring a certain pink elephant and mildly sweet Gewurz are also available. Consider it your amuse bouche to Pig Out 2.0.

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