Oh yes, they did!
Oh yes, they did!
Anne Marie Panoringan

Oh, Henry at Umami Burger Irvine Spectrum, Our Drink of the Week!

Umami Burger's aggressive invasion of Orange County has been a success so far. So how do they remain relevant and not just another chain in Irvineland? Team up with an established comedy club and exploit the full liquor license!

Improv's mini-move within the concrete jungle of the Spectrum and into their custom-built space was calculated and beneficial, as much of the foot traffic is skewed towards Edwards (except everyone's favorite shopping destination, Target.) and its super-sized parking structure .

Umami also maximized their status by injecting themselves in a venue not known for serving tasty grub. I don't know the last time anyone went to see a comedy act and left raving about their meal, if ever. They saved each other from potential failure. That's a win-win, bitches.

The Drink: While we could've taken the easy road and ordered their take on a mule or mojito, our beverage of choice originates from a single barrel bourbon known as Henry McKenna. If the wedge didn't tip you off, pineapple juice lightens an otherwise heavy spirit. A bit o' honey sweetens the deal, but the final ginger component pulls it back into place. We wanted to down another, but there was that thing called work we had to return to. Next time, for sure.

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