One of our favorites!
One of our favorites!

OC Wine Mart Celebrates Third Anniversary Tonight With (What Else) A Tasting!

Who wants to deal with rainy, Friday traffic after work? Not us. Forgo the Orange Crush an extra hour(ish) for a Friday social. 10 tastings for $10 is far from shabby, people.

Julie Lim's storefront by SNA survived and thrived after three years of crappy economy, and that's reason enough to celebrate. Macarons, cheesy 'n meaty platters, and luxe loncheras are always an option when she's planning.

There's a little live ambiance by guitarist Ruben Gonzalez, while TJ's Woodfire Pizza Truck fires up thin crust dinner requests. Drop in between 5:30 and 8 p.m. for chillaxing vino. Then go tackle that gift list. It'll temporarily numb you from those credit card charges.

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