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Bacon makes the world go 'round.

OC Weekly's Fresh Toast Presale Going On NOW!

If boozing with eggs Benedict and hash browns is your jam, then mark your calendars! OC Weekly is throwing their first ever Fresh Toast, celebrating our upcoming Happy Hour & Brunch Guide on Saturday, February 27 (Yes, we like to plan ahead!). Live music, shopping opportunities, a cocktail competition and many excuses to nosh and sip are in your future.

Sharing the entire list of 40 dining participants would be anti-climactic, but we can certainly offer you a Star Wars-sized teaser. We're talking the recently relocated Ways & Means Oyster House, Old Vine Cafe, Pandor Artisan Boulangerie & Cafe, Long Beach's James Republic, stylish CUCINA enoteca, creperie Euro Caffe, SOCIAL Costa Mesa (Congrats to Ashley Guzman on her new dessert gig.), C4 Deli: The Cure for the Common, and The Trough Sandwich Kitchen in Newps, just to name a few. All that unlimited goodness for $30; $50 if you roll VIP.

A mountain range of Old Vine Cafe's paninis
A mountain range of Old Vine Cafe's paninis
Photo by the Mexican

What does VIP get you at destination Newport Dunes? Smoother entry, for starters; think TSA pre-check with mimosas at the end. There's also a swag bag to call your own, exclusive VIP lounge with bonus amenities and your own set of restrooms. We'd pay the extra $20 just for the pee privilege! To get a jump on the action, presale is going on through this Sunday. Click on this link and use promo code FRESH for access to our brunch paradise. We'll be the ones asking for less OJ, more bubbly.

Fresh Toast will be on Saturday, February 27, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Newport Dunes.


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