OC Grub Guide for 12/1-12/7: Local Holiday Tradition OVERLOAD!!!

Now that's a deal!EXPAND
Now that's a deal!
Photo courtesy Ruby's Diner

Traditions come in many forms. Here, they revolve around beer festivals, meal deals and Pascal Olhats. Start a new tradition and try out one of ours!

Doesn't get much closer to the water than that.
Doesn't get much closer to the water than that.
Kevin Lara/OC Weekly

Beachcomber's Annual Tree Lighting - Newport Beach
If you missed one of the many show-stopping tree lightings last month, don't worry! Crystal Cove's very own Beachcomber will be hosting their version this Saturday afternoon. Caroling, arts and crafts, and hot cider and cookies are on the agenda. Celebrating 10 years of being down by the water, visit The Beachcomber's website for additional details.

Now that's a deal!EXPAND
Now that's a deal!
Photo courtesy Ruby's Diner

12/7 - Ruby's Diner celebrates 34 years - multiple locations
Shoo-be-do down to your nearest Ruby's next Wednesday to celebrate Burger Day with them. Dine in and munch on $2.99 burger and fry combos (you heard us) all day long. A buck from each sale will go towards their Ruby Dooby Foundation. That might help offset all the extra spending this month. Yeah, right.

It's Ho Ho, not Ha Ha
It's Ho Ho, not Ha Ha

Coming soon: Brew Ho Ho - Anaheim
Happening Saturday the 10th, it's another grand time at The Phoenix Club as a solid four hours of sampling and sipping await you. Live entertainment, luxe loncheras and Santa make this one seasonal shindig. Buy tickets for this rain-or-shine event before you forget, because 90+ beers to choose from sounds divine.

Olhats owns the big screen.
Olhats owns the big screen.
Photo by LP Hastings

Now streaming - Pascal's La Tradition documentary
Selected by the Newport Beach Film Festival, this labor of love by Grub Tribe is now available to stream at home. View the testimonies, hear the anecdotes, catch an appearance by Hubert Keller and understand why Chef Olhats made such a stellar subject. Consider it a lovely present option for the food fan in your life.

Extra napkins, please!EXPAND
Extra napkins, please!
Photo courtesy Lillie's Q

Lillie's Q fried chicken special - Brea
Do you feel like chicken tonight? Then head over to Brea for one crunchy deal. 10 pieces of Lillie's Q finest along with four buttermilk biscuits and butter. The kicker: it's $20 for the bucket 'o legs, wings, breasts and thighs. Miles ahead in taste of any cluckers elsewhere (and fried to order), it's how you beat that crazy phenomenon in OC called winter.

Drink it up!
Drink it up!
Photo courtesy VAYA

One to try - VAYA Lifestyle Recovery
The next time you're hopping on a plane or leaving the gym, think about grabbing a bottle of VAYA first. Made to replenish not only fluids, but provide minerals, vitamins and electrolytes naturally, it packs everything into one bottle. And the flavors? Not cloyingly sweet (at least, not the lemon lime or mandarin orange flavors we downed). Our recommendation: take a bottle before a long night of partying, because by the time you're thirsty you're also dehydrated. Start the fun ahead of the game.

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1340 S. Sanderson Av.
Anaheim, California 92806



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Newport Beach, CA 92657




31451 Rancho Viejo Rd.
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Lillie's Q

240 S. Brea Blvd.
Brea, CA 92821



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