New Food Network Show Attempts to Spend $24 in 24

New Food Network Show Attempts to Spend $24 in 24

We rewound a commercial on our DVR while catching up with The Great Food Truck Race, thinking it was part of the episode. Instead, we ended up watching the number '24' flash across the screen and a "I'm cute and I know it" boy smile back at us. Did we accidentally record something on Bravo?

No. It was just an advertisement for Food Network's fall lineup. Jeff Mauro, host of Sandwich King and winner of the seventh season of Food Network Star (they had seven?) debuts a new concept: spend 24 hours in a different city, eating three meals for less than $24. So let's get this straight-- dine in an unfamiliar environment with limited time and budget? We consider that most vacations.

It already sounds too "Layover meets $40 A Day, has a one-night stand resulting in a bastard child." C'mon! Mauro's bio listed the Hollywood Kitchen Academy as his school of hard knocks; we almost didn't believe the place even existed. He was a comedian before deciding to revert  back to the hospitality industry. Isn't that normally the other way around in LA?

$24 in 24 premeires Monday, September 24 (surprise, surprise) at 10:30 p.m.. If Jeff manages to factor in tax and gratuity, call us impressed. However, if he fawns over too many sammiches, forget it.

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