Boba for days (and days)
Boba for days (and days)

Lollicup Offers Black Friday Deal: Drinks, Drinks And More Drinks!

When you think about Black Friday deals, food doesn't really come to mind. At least, not for us. So we were curious when our local Lollicup at Diamond Jamboree decided to go balls out for the already over-the-top shopping day. And believe us when we say it's a hefty reward for waiting around.

First off, this is only available at the location off Alton and Jamboree. Next, it will require a purchase to get something back. Still with us? Then we shall continue!

The first 100 customers to purchase a Juicy 10 Pack and large beverage will receive a 365 Pack. That's a Lollicup a day for all of 2015. After that, the next 300 folks receive a second Juicy 10 Pack with the purchase of a first. No drink purchase required at this point, but you get a free one anyway because they like you! Of course, there are a half dozen small print items that they added. But we'll go over some of them before you are bored silly.

Line passes will be handed out up to four hours before we open at 10:30 a.m. Leaving your place in line between 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. has the chance of missing a line number. Plus, your Juicy 365 Pack (for those lucky bastards) will be non-transferable and redeemable only by original owner. Photo ID will be required for redemption. Last, but definitely not least, drinks are only valid with physical coupons. They're not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed(?!) coupons. Our suggestion is to bring CASH, because one of their posts stated "Cash only please." Have fun in line! We're banking on being customer number 370 for a BOGO deal.

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