Jason Weeks

Photo by Jeanne RiceGuitarist, the Orangemen. BREAKFAST: "On Sundays, the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa has a 99-cent special that comes with everything. They have to be losing money on this deal. Definitely a cure for the hung-over." LUNCH: "Burrell's BBQ is old-school. I make a mean gumbo at home, but Burrell's takes the cake. Can't go wrong with the barbecued-beef sandwich. The place is an actual house in a residential neighborhood." DINNER: "I don't care what they say about Sid's. The New York steak with mashed potatoes, salad and these great cooked carrots rules. Message to Sid: just clean the place so the city gets off your ass!" Tiki Bar 1700 Placentia Ave. Costa Mesa (949) 548-3533 / Burrell's BBQ 305 N. Hesperian St. Santa Ana (714) 547-7441 / Sid's 445 Old Newport Blvd. Newport Beach (949) 650-7437—but they're closed now [JR]


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