Is Balut Appropriate for a First Date?

I admit: I watch Millionaire Matchmaker, that Bravo show that details the travails of a woman trying to set up male and female millionaires with potential mates. What can I say? The chica rules the television, but it's also a fascinating show.

Anyhoo, last night's episode featured a creepy-looking guy who asked bizarre questions and had shifty eyes straight out of a Mack Sennett reel. It seemed he finally came to his senses when he met a chick, although she turned out to be a priss. She had a problem with the two of them strolling through a market at New York's Grand Central Station for their date, but the woman had a freak-out when the guy took her out to dinner. The opening course: a shooter of uni, and balut, the duck embroyo enjoyed by Filipinos, gourmands, and retched at by almost everyone else.

Look at the video above. I probably wouldn't take out a girl to eat balut as a first date, but I'd also wouldn't want to go out with a girl who had such a huge problem with the idea of balut (my chica is vegetarian, but only finds fault with balut the same way she finds fault with veal or lamb--but, more importantly, doesn't browbeat anyone who eats it). You can tell by the video that the guy is an idiot, but I also understand why he did the balut test--he's looking for a specific type of gal, and the woman should've been a bit more diplomatic in her disgust.

It's rare we post questions to readers at SaFII, but this is a community of people who'll defend balut's honor--and how often can you write that line? So, gentle readers: what do YOU think?


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