She's a fine girl
She's a fine girl
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Celebrate National Sidecar Day in OC This Weekend with Copper & Kings Brandy!

To make up for a cocktail-free Grub Guide yesterday, we're back to offer a couple of spots for yet another culinary-themed holiday. Providing an excuse to stop what you're doing and drink, National Sidecar Day pays tribute to a strong cocktail named after the additional seating compartment attached to motorcycles. Coincidentally, it's also held on the International Day of Friendship (think of your trusty sidekick while downing one). In Orange County, we found two bars taking full advantage of the spirit-heavy holiday.

Up first, the busy team over at Union Market Tustin's Central Bar will be serving up $10 Sidecar specials utilizing Copper & Kings Brandy all weekend. If you're with your sidekick on Sunday, there may also be something special in store for you two. Only one way to find out, right? 2493 Park Ave, (714) 258-8161.

The other destination is also a bar within a food hall. Imagine that! Instead of 4th Street, however, we are headed to McFadden Public Market for some Sunday-only deals. Priced at a modest $10, this trio of options took full advantage of Copper & Kings and their spirit selection. Try ordering a Drunken Monkey Droptop, featuring fresh lemon, house ginger syrup, saffron bitters, a caramelized sugar rim, Copper & Kings American Craft Brandy and Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch.

Prefer something sweeter? There's also the Bad Apple of My Eye, incorporating star anise, apple bitters, spiced syrup, lemon juice and Copper & Kings Unaged Apple Brandy. Finally, the OG Wipe Ain't Nothin' to Funk With (don't ask us, we just report the names) includes Amaro Montenegro, juicy lemon, organic honey, lavender bitters, Copper & Kings American Brandy and a sugar-dusted zest of lemon. No matter what your choice, you'll be in trustworthy hands at both locations. Cheers! 515 N. Main St, (657) 232-3338;


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