Our badass HK coin purse, circa 2010
Our badass HK coin purse, circa 2010
Anne Marie Panoringan

Hello Kitty Cafe Coming to Orange County!

As a little girl, Hello Kitty was the epitome of cool. I'd purchase pastel pens and pencils, gum that (maybe) lasted 20 minutes and collect all the trinkets they'd tape to our bags. Back in 2010 was my first sighting of a Hello Kitty mobile of sorts: they didn't carry food yet, but I scored a coin purse in the shape of a hamburger stand.

Jump four years later, and the first HK luxe lonchera won over girls of all ages this past weekend at MOCA's Hello Kitty Con. Stocked with Kitty-themed desserts, customers chose from a variety of sweets, including cake pops and macarons.

If a dainty pink truck wasn't enough cuteness, plans for an actual brick-and-mortar are underway somewhere in OC, according to LAist (although an inside source with Sanrio cannot confirm it). Taking on the menu of a standard cafe, expect sandwiches and greens, sweets and more sweets, plus coffee beverages. This will help with the stress in finding out Kitty wasn't a cat.

Where do you think Hello Kitty Cafe will end up? On the one hand, Irvine Company will want a piece of the guaranteed action. Then again, South Coast Plaza will cater to tourists if they situate it in the former Rainforest Cafe spot. We really don't care, so long as My Melody makes an appearance on the specials...

Follow the Hello Kitty Cafe on Instagram @HelloKittyCafe or at their future website, www.hellokittycafe.us.

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