GQ Names Gwyneth Paltrow and Her Cookbook One of the Least Influential of 2011

Remember earlier this year when Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook My Father's Daughter inspired such scathing blog headlines as "Gwyneth Paltrow Cookbook Almost as Annoying As Gwyneth Paltrow" and "Alpha Mom Gwyneth Paltrow Strikes With a Cookbook to Make You Feel Inadequate"?

There was also that YouTube parody reading of her most casually, if perhaps unintentionally, boastful statements such as "One year, I was given a birthday present I'll never forget -- a cooking lesson from Jamie Oliver."

This month, GQ Magazine decided to pile on when it named her one of the "25 Least Influential People of 2011," specifically for releasing her "awful" cookbook with its "vapid" sentences upon the world.

It finished with this great zinger: "Is it any wonder we all loved watching her die in Contagion?"


So I ask again: When will this über-rich, glittery actress with a rock-star husband, an Oscar and a wood-burning pizza oven in her garden get a break?

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