Got Newspaper? Free Seattle's Best Coffee On Black Friday*

Got Newspaper? Free Seattle's Best Coffee On Black Friday*

Whining about having to purchase a holiday edition is not an option. You have access to a newspaper. If you're headed to a family gathering, SOMEone will be pouring over Black Friday ads. A neighbor on vacation has their subscription left at the front door. Hell, check a recycling bin. There's a flyer with coupon for hot java. It's little effort for free coffee.

Or is it?

Coupon redeemers will receive one small, 12-ounce brewed coffee. Limit one per customer at participating locations.

Caffeinating folks for the last 40 years, Seattle's Best Coffee has gone thru its ups and downs, including being acquired by Starbucks in 2003 and branching out in (the now defunct) Borders Books and Music. Locations nearest us include Garden Grove, Irvine and Lake Forest. Confirm who's doing what at

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* If you've read this far, here's what I also found out. Go on their Facebook page and Like them. They state the same offer without mentioning the coupon. Even better! Call ahead to confirm their hours and participation. Drink up the free, and happy shopping.

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