Go Green With Avocado Week At Downtown Disney

Go Green With Avocado Week At Downtown Disney

There were more important things to do this week than hit the Magic Kingdom on its busiest holiday . . . like sleep. If the kids are still nagging to check out Cars Land, there's a mash-up of activities in Downtown Disney besides dodging street performers. Okay, California Avocado Week has been going on since Sunday-- but weren't you too busy sitting in traffic?

Saturday looks the least likely to put us to sleep, unless you believe sandwich and salad demos are too cool for school. Chef Nick Weber of Catal Restaurant will entertain the audience with a tartare of hamachi with shisho (shiso to everyone else), micro cilantro and California avocado and jalapeno sorbet. If you score a spot in their 100-seat audience, you might even get a sample.

For those MasterChefs in the house, they're staging a "Guac Off" where contestants whip together a personalized batch for judging. The incentive: a $100 gift card to Catal, plus an $85 California avocado gift pack. That's a lotta dip for the winner.

If you aren't on time for those activities, there's always the seasonal specials featuring the fruit at many of their establishments. Or just get an avocado oil mini facial at Sephora if you're feeling green. For more information, click here.

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