Pinche hipsters!
Pinche hipsters!

Food Network Takes Down Post Promoting Ridiculously Racist 'Guacamole Song'

Last Thursday, in the lead-up to the Super Bowl, the Food Network brought back a 2009 video called "The Guacamole Song" by comedy duo Rhett and Link, which seem to be a Paramount Swap Meet version of the Lonely Island. The network had promoted it in the past and thought that bringing it back in 2014 would lead to mucho buzz and the eternal love of Mexicans.


I'm still not sure what happened, but the Thursday post and tweet promoting the song was scrubbed (although you can see a screen grab of the tweet here). And not only that, but they also scrubbed all previous references to the video from their archives.


The video itself is stupid--there were no Aztecs 1,000 years ago, they didn't have mustaches, they didn't dress in a loincloths with a strap à la Tarzan, there were no limes in ancient Mexico--and Rhett and Link are obviously pendejo hipsters loving to put on the brownface. But far more offensive is the Food Network. It didn't think "The Guacamole Song" was offensive all these years until Chicano yaktivists complained? And then it just tried to scrub its association with the song the moment there was heat? And it hasn't issued a statement on the matter? Absolutely pathetic.

By the way, racists: Don't think I'm saying gabachos can't sing about guacamole. Música, maestro!

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