Five of the Strangest Food Items in Video Games

Five of the Strangest Food Items in Video Games

Food: It's an essential part to sustain most living beings, and it is no exception to the world of video games. Since the very beginning, food has been an integral part of video game design. Items such as pixelated health packs, hearts, and fruits have been iconic items that heal players and can provide them with unique abilities and powers.

Food in video games has taken very interesting forms throughout the years. Some are expected, such as banana items in the Donkey Kong Country games--Donkey Kong is a giant monkey, you know. However, some of the food items used are just plain weird. After the jump: The five strangest food items in video gaming.

Giant Turkey Leg Hidden in Ancient Castle Walls

Five of the Strangest Food Items in Video Games

There's absolutely nothing wrong with eating a giant turkey leg. Sure, they cost and arm and a... well, leg at theme parks such as Disneyland, but they're tasty and nutritious. In many video games, most notably in the Castlevania series, players find these giant turkey legs hidden behind the walls of Dracula's castle. So unless they're freshly prepared and hidden away, these food items are probably hundred of years old. Disgusting! However, the fact that they're centuries-old isn't going to stop the Belmont clan from feasting away at these giant legs.

Apple Found in Trash Cans
(Streets of Rage)

Five of the Strangest Food Items in Video Games

According to the fiction of the Streets of Rage game series, the best way to survive punches, kicks, knife stab wounds, and gang fights is to eat apples. Apples found in trash cans and rusty barrels, specifically.

Pot Roast found on the Street
(Final Fight)

Five of the Strangest Food Items in Video Games

Feeling unhealthy? Eat a pot roast off the ground. Similar to the apples found in Streets of Rage, the creepy part about these food power-ups is that they are typically found on the ground of gang-infested streets, and they are consumed in the middle of a fight.

Bell and Key


Five of the Strangest Food Items in Video Games

Pac-Man eats just about anything during his battle with the ghosts. Cherries, pretzels, peaches, and just about any fruit you can think of. He also eventually consumes keys and bells. Keys and bells? Why on Earth would the designers of Pac-Man design him to eat such random items as keys and fruits?

Disembodied Hearts
(Legend of Zelda)

Five of the Strangest Food Items in Video Games

The pixelated hearts in the Zelda universe are iconic in the video game world as a symbol of life. By obtaining these items, players will have more health in order to battle the legions of enemies in the world of Hyrule. However, have you really thought about what these items really are? They're disembodied hearts usually found after killing an enemy. Can you imagine that? Every time Link is low on health, he gorges on these bloody little muscles just to stay alive. How barbaric!

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