First Look: Anaheim White House's Italian Steakhouse Menu

First Look: Anaheim White House's Italian Steakhouse Menu
Anne Marie Panoringan

Why make changes to your menu if you've fared this long with your existing one? That's the question we wondered when Sir Bruno Serato (He was knighted recently, didn't you know?) began speaking to the group. It was simple, really. The reason had to do with perception. When callers would inquire about Anaheim White House's cuisine, Serato would state, "Italian". More often than not, the voice at the other end expressed a lack of interest in what they thought was a haus of pizza and pasta. Yet this was never the case.

In fact, there isn't a trace of pizza crust on their menu. However, to expand their reach to diners quick to make first impressions without ever stepping foot inside or doing any research online, they decided to expand. That's his story, and he's sticking to it. So we snapped a few photographs of dishes now being served.

Our opening shot is of their pan roasted, rack of lamb ($42.50). It's infused with local rosemary and served with lamb jus. It was certainly the most photogenic of the bunch.

First Look: Anaheim White House's Italian Steakhouse Menu

Next we show a dish of white chocolate salmon ($30.95). Our one bite of seafood tasted much more appealing than it was described. A signature dish, the seafood is steamed and served with their Belgium white chocolate mashed potato puree and orange sauce.

First Look: Anaheim White House's Italian Steakhouse Menu

For our parting shot, we selected a 10-ounce, North Dakota bison tenderloin ($65). Wrapped in hickory smoked bacon, it also includes a tart balsamic reduction. His steakhouse concept also includes an Australian Wagyu steak and New Zealand rack of venison, but those merit a visit.

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Anaheim White House

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