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Open wide
Anne Marie Panoringan

Eat This Now: The HB Avocado Original At Avocado Cafe

We drove past a sign for Avocado Cafe on Jamboree. The actual storefront is hidden behind highrises, so unless you know the 'hood, it's disorienting. Location #1 is inside the Newport Beach Athletic Club; this #2 opened last month, and a third spot is scheduled for February in Huntington Beach. That's ambitious for a cafe we didn't know existed a week ago.

If you are an avocado lover, look no further. It's in all but one of their sandwiches and salads, plus the hot breakfast. Per their mission statement, "Avocado Cafe strives to provide new and devoted customers with fresh, nutritious meals, hand crafted beers and biodynamic wines that nurture the body and mind." Works for us!

The "HB" in our sandwich signifies owners Jon and Chuy Vidales' home turf of Huntington Beach. Many of their bread-and-meat offerings feature names of local surf legends, with slices of Puritan Bakery wheat the foundation of taste. Light mayo, mustard and tomato are standard regulation on the HB Avocado Original tuna sammy, but it's the remaining ingredients that reel us in. White cheddar and sprouts are two of our favorite toppings-- subtle, but impactful enough to make a difference. Cucumber and soy bacon bits sound meh in theory, but give the crunch this sandwich craves.

Healthy and tasty in a city of food courts and chains that's open weekends, too (with enclosed parking)? Yeah, we're coming back.

Avocado Cafe, 6060 Scholarship, Irvine.

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