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Eat This Now: Roasted Spaghetti Squash Carbonara From Ms Alice

When there's a menu item that resembles a healthier version of the original, do you order it to feel good about yourself, or scoff at the thought of eating "clean"? That's the dilemma you may encounter with one small plate listing in particular at Ms Alice (note to copy editors: Alice don't do periods). But don't be mistaken: this is one indulgent dish.

Roasted squash strands in lieu of pasta intrigues. A little smoked tomato sauce never hurt anyone. And a simple addition of egg— carbonara us already! Yet that's where the health-conscious guidelines end. A hollandaise aioli will be your downfall, laden with richness from ingredients we-shall-not-name. It'll take those proud few calories and tackle them senseless with creamy flavor. You won't know what hit you, and that's fine, because Ms. Alice is where you escape the everyday hustle. Quietly attached to Mansion Costa Mesa, slip through the keyhole entrance, settle into a couch by the Cheshire Cat and sip on something spirit-forward as you carbonara.

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