Hearty and comforting!EXPAND
Hearty and comforting!
Cynthia Rebolledo

Eat This Now: Càri Gà in a Bread Bowl at Mama Tieu's

Mama Tieu’s serves up the classics with a twist, with everything from customizable pho that includes up to four proteins and your choice of flat or thin noodles to bánh mì sandwich bites. But their best dish that stands out from OC Viet places is their càri gà—the traditional Vietnamese take on chicken curry now served in a bread bowl.

It’s creamy, slightly spicy and made with a combination of chicken, carrots, sweet peas and chunky potatoes, all cooked in a rich coconut curry sauce. The savory gravy is served in a fluffy warm sourdough vessel and topped with fragrant cilantro and thinly sliced onions. Best part: once you're done with it, you get to eat the bread bowl it's served in!

Mama Tieu’s 10130 Garden Grove Blvd., Ste. 131, Garden Grove, (714) 590-8748


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