Eat Here, Not There: Soft Serve
Anne Marie Panoringan

Eat Here, Not There: Soft Serve

Let's face it, soft serve is generally found at three places: McDonalds, buffets (Vegas, Soup Plantation or otherwise), and the occasional Korean establishment. Sweet, cheap, and appealing to the masses, nothing says "Let's finish our reasonably priced meal" like a dish or cone of all-American vanilla. Expectations don't run high because the bar has been set too low.

Sorry Watson's. Maybe next time, Cherry On Top. The summertime heat isn't going away anytime soon, but one stand in Orange is worth sweltering in line over, and they don't even specialize in dessert.

We could wax poetic about Bruxie gourmet waffles, since they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but there's already a review on that. This is about the rich, creamy, one line item delight simply referred to as soft serve frozen custard. Good ol' Wisconsin frozen custard....and to think we thought they were only good for cheese curds!

Perhaps it's the addition of eggs that aids in the stiff peaks that defy gravity when you hold one upside down, a la DQ-blizzard style? Between that and its so-wrong-it's-right fat content, this is a recipe for cool indulgence--no waffle necessary. Of course, if one insists on doctoring it up, a seasonal shake (this month it includes strawberry), creamsicle float or sundae isn't out of the question.

Between the re-zoned streets surrounding Bruxie, additional counter top al fresco dining, and a dessert that can withstand inland temperatues, we are happy to throw down the $2.95 for a small. However, be warned: This isn't a treat to be taken lightly, as it packs a deceptive heft for such an innocent-looking swirl. There's a milky richness reminiscent of a pint of Guinness straight from the tap that may subdue diners into a temporary food coma.

If Orange is too packed with Chapman students, don't forget about their upcoming location this fall in Downtown Brea. You'll be able to order your Berkeley Dog and soft serve, all without having to move the car! Oh, yeah...

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