Drink of the Week: Vino Fresco At Charlie Palmer
Anne Marie Panoringan

Drink of the Week: Vino Fresco At Charlie Palmer

For a deceptively plain-looking libation, this is one high-maintenance cocktail. A few years back (when Charlie Palmer was debuting), we remember the vino fresco. Listed at the bottom of the menu, its name intrigued us--we were compelled to order one. During subsequent visits, we noticed our drink disappeared from the list. When we inquired, our server mentioned that the bar(tender) decided it was too labor-intensive to create.

We cried bullshit; bars shouldn't come up with drinks they want to take back later. So we were overjoyed by the encore performance of our beloved.

A muddler's nightmare, our culprit is spotted creating a stir with 42 Below vodka. A refreshing mash-up of grapes, basil and lime, and our taste buds were feeling sustainable. The combination of citrus and herb was similar to our love of mojito, but we preferred the absence of minty pulp from our martini glass.

Cool comfort on a sweltering evening is a must. Escaping the South Coast Plaza anthill, vino fresco in hand, suits nicely with the uppity crowds scurrying to Charlie's late night happy hour. Save us a seat in the lounge.

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