Drink of the Week: The First Tee At Pelican Grill
Anne Marie Panoringan

Drink of the Week: The First Tee At Pelican Grill

Before the weather gave twists and turns like Disney's California Screamin', we motored down Newport Center Drive for an idyllic sunset. And our preferred way to leave the day behind was sipping a cocktail; the only quandary was selecting an appropriate one.

Opulence with a side of smugness gather around Pelican Grill's marble countertop after hours. White collars commiserate over transactions and more personal affairs, while the rest grow more vocal as whatever sporting event airing heats up.

Fixated on our rapidly changing scenery outside, we decide against a martini (for fear of a klutzy stemware encounter). Briefly scanning their seasonal cocktails, our eyes are drawn to the First Tee. How fitting, considering the grill's vantage point overlooks both bridge and driving path all golf carts must cross to reach their starting place.

Our citrus-infused encounter begins with Grey Goose L'orange. Offsetting the rich base, grapefruit and lemon keep things tart. An addition of rose champagne colors our drink into Creamsicle hues, while all-natural agave rounds out this tall order. Its fruity taste more breakfast Julius than happy hour toast, we found it eye-opening and unpretentious except in name. Though we'd much rather cover our bar tab than greens fees.

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