Southern Pear Tea
Southern Pear Tea
Jessica Ford

Drink of the Week: Southern Pear Tea at Memphis Cafe

You can't experience the South without having a glass of sweet tea, and Memphis Cafe in Costa Mesa is taking the Southern staple and adding what any bar should--alcohol. Memphis' Southern Pear Tea is the Drink of the Week because it actually tastes like real pears--something that's surprisingly hard to find.

This concoction is made with Grey Goose La Poire vodka, peach schnapps, sour mix and of course, iced tea. The pear-flavored Grey Goose is the backbone to this drink because it creates the true pear taste; Anjou pears from France provide that authentic flavoring. The iced tea component is sweet and strong, complementing the vodka without overpowering any other ingredient. The addition of the sour mix helps keep the Southern Pear Tea slices through the sweetnes. It goes down easily, almost too easily. It sneaks up on you because you can hardly taste the alcohol--but don't worry, it's loaded with it.

Although Southern Pear Tea is a tad pricey at $10, it is served in a pint glass and one of these can certainly get the party started. Barbecue deity/Dinners with Dave guy/sometimes bartender Dave Mau also recommended his Dave Mau Special, which came in at a close second. He makes his specialty with Ketel One vodka, sour mix, Sprite, and pineapple juice. Call it Another Drink of the Week.


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