Drink of the Week: Entourage Mojito

Drink of the Week: Entourage Mojito

After tasting the


at Brea nightclub/bar


last night, it occurred to me this concoction is slightly out of season. It's a clear drink made with mint leaves and evokes fond memories of summer.

But the recent unpredictable weather combined with California's temperate climate sort of balances the equation. And I would remind seasonal purists that the adage about looking a gift horse in the mouth is apt when considering the beneficial effects of alcohol. Here are the basics:

Located on Birch Street in Downtown Brea, Entourage offers a fantastic selection of craft beers and signature cocktails. Among the latter is a robust list of mojitos which includes pomegranate, blueberry, mango as well as original flavor.

Not wanting to go go into insulin shock, I decided to stick with the original variety to best describe the bare bones of the drink, which is remarkably simple and simultaneously flavorful. The ingredients are poured into a cocktail mixer with Bacardi rum, simple syrup and muddled mint leaves. The process of muddling involves taking a long stick to sort of mash the mint leaves in the bottom of the container thereby releasing their essences and aromas.

The Entourage bartender pours the finished cocktail over ice in a pint glass. It's sweet and refreshing, though too much mint can suddenly trigger Pavlovian responses--recalling the act of tooth brushing.

This drink shares some genetics with the Mint Julep which uses bourbon instead of rum. But comparing these two drinks is like night and day. As mentioned earlier, a Mojito sports a lighter flavor and less bite than other cocktails. At the risk of sounding sexist, it's definitely in touch with its feminine side.

That said, you could have too many of these before you realize the double vision. So this is a good one to start the evening off before switching to something else.  For the responsible alcoholic, it makes for a good sipping drink during casual events like parties at beach houses or an evening at the taco bar.

The Entourage Mojito is served year round and will set you back $6.

Entourage, 330 W. Birch St. Brea, 92821, 714-256-2100.


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