Croissant-Making Tutorial

Check out Frenchman Vincent Talleu's video tutorial on making croissants and other pastries from laminated dough. It's ten minutes, and thoroughly entertaining. But then, I'm the sort of person that can stand in front of the glassed-off kitchen window at Din Tai Fung for hours and watch the cooks form soup dumplings with lightning speed and precision.

Talleu's got moves. Here's how it's done. [My pick for OC's best croissant after the jump!]

Sort of makes you want to buy a big stainless bench and a dough sheeting machine, doesn't it? In lieu of making your own, where's your favorite place for great croissants in Orange County? I'll give you mine - Layer Cake Bakery in Irvine. Crisp on the outside and tender-pully and buttery-moist on the inside, they're hard to beat if you get them fresh out of the oven in the morning!


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