Cooking with Dog, The Best YouTube Cooking Show Ever, Reaches 100 Episodes!

Cooking with Dog, The Best YouTube Cooking Show Ever, Reaches 100 Episodes!

Cooking with Dog (It's not what you think...), arguably the best YouTube cooking show in existence, has reached a milestone. They've just published its 100th episode (Technically, it's not their 100th unique recipe. They're counting a few remastered episode they published while the woman we only know as "Chef" was recuperating from a bicycle accident) . 

In any case, it's 100 episodes as far as the YouTube count is concerned. So after making sekihan, their latest recipe, the nameless chef had a characteristically humble and low-key acknowledgement of their accomplishment. She said:

This is out 100th video! We could not have made it this far without your support. Thank you so much! We didn't have enough time to make this video special to celebrate, but we will continue bringing you various kinds of delicious recipes. Thank you for your continued support.

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Watching the old stuff and comparing it to the new is like comparing The Simpsons from Tracey Ulmann and today: They've come far. The first episode had no music and the narrator sounds as though he's talking through a paper towel roll. Since then, they've downplayed the dog (he used to pop up at the corner of the screen adding bad jokes like, "it's so easy, a dog can do it"). These days, the episodes are shot in HD and have a professional polish to them--Francis, the dog, as cute as he is, is merely a well-behaved prop.

But even from that first video five years ago, the show has proven to be an invaluable and free resource. Their recipes are easy to follow, and gets down to the meat of the matter, taking about 5 minutes to tell you what you need to know when it takes a typical Food Network show 22 minutes without commercials. 

So congratulations, Cooking with Dog! For the body of work you've done, you are deserving of celebrity than anyone on Top Chef. Long live Francis and Chef!

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