Coming Soon: Newport Beach Restaurant Week

Is it that time of year again? When restauranteurs are fishing for a reason to lure patrons into their dining rooms with fabulous specials? Ah, yes. Restaurant weeks are making their rounds, and you betcha the frugal neighbors in and surrounding Newps will encounter commuter traffic reminiscent of last month's boat parades.

This month's prix fixe celebration kicks off Friday, January 18, and extends to the 27th. We don't recall why it lasts for ten days, but we aren't complaining. More opportunities to find dining companions for an impromptu version of Check, Please!

Rather than give our recommendations, we'll simply make observations. Like, "I wish Sabatino's (either one) was on that list!" or, "Happy Eat Chow and Cucina Alessa are both represented!" "C'mon Five Crowns. Post that affordable prime rib dinner already, or at least give us a SideDoor special."

No matter how you look at it, their tagline of "Savor the Flavor of the Real OC" already strikes a chord, as many restaurants abide by two or more of Charles Lam's irksome restaurant week attributes. For an up-to-date listing of menus for that week, you can click here. Now, go get 'em, Forkers!

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