Coming soon to Santa Ana
Coming soon to Santa Ana
Photo by Dave Lieberman

Cismontane Brew Co To Open Tap Room in Santa Ana; Native Son Alehouse to Open in Downtown

North County's been the center of Orange County's craft beer scene for a while now, but within the next year, that center could be a little more... central. It's time for Santa Ana to bask in the fizzy, golden limelight.

That's right; Santa Ana is going through a craft beer makeover. The city will be welcoming both Cismontane Brewing Company and Native Son Alehouse in (hopefully) the next couple months.

First off, Cismontane Brewing Co will be opening a taproom (and more) in Santa Ana. Evan Weinberg and Ross Stewart have been working away for four years out in Rancho Santa Margarita and now they're finally moving up into Central County. They'll be right off the 55.

Cismontane in Santa Ana will take on three stages of development. They will not be opening a full-scale brewery and still plan to run the Rancho Santa Margarita location as their flagship brewery.

First on the schedule is a simple tasting room that'll give people a place to drink more Cismontane beer in Central County. Phase one should be complete within the next few months.

Afterwards, Cismontane will be opening one of Orange County's first micro-distilleries. The specific type of alcohol they'll be producing is still under wraps.

Finally, when the distillery is chugging along, the Cismontane boys want to add a small-batch pilot brewing system to their Santa Ana facility. A pilot brewing system allows brewers to experiment to their heart's content with a 10-15 barrel brewhouse.

Next up, Native Son Alehouse will also be opening in downtown Santa Ana, on the east end of the artist village. The bar/restaurant will be located across the street from the Playground and above the Frida Cinema.

Jon Sanchez wanted to create a craft beer bar in Orange County ever since the 2013 May issue of Draft Magazine couldn't find one to rank.

He drew inspiration for atmosphere from Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, tap display from Mikkeller in Denmark, and passion for sour beer from Orange County's very own Bruery.

If you get hungry, there will be a selection of snacks and specials to pair with drinks. Not a fan of beer? Try the cider, mead or root beer Native Son also plans to pour from their 27 taps.

Man, can't wait for this countdown to end.

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