Chocolate Chip Fudge Cup at Sweet Jill's

Chocolate Chip Fudge Cup at Sweet Jill's
Jessica Ford

If you live anywhere in North OC, then you have probably stopped in Sweet Jill's on Second Street in Long Beach or Main Street in Seal Beach. Hell, if you've walked or driven anywhere within a mile of one of these little shops of heaven, the smell alone will have drawn you inexorably into their carbo-loaded clutches.

With brownies and cupcakes the size of your head, Sweet Jill's is sure to put anyone with a sweet tooth directly into a blissful sugar coma.

Sweet Jill's is best known for its gigantic cinnamon rolls drizzled with icing; if you like nuts, order one with walnuts. Once you try this famous pastry, it's time to move on to the lesser-known treats. There is just about every kind of cupcake you could want (coconut, chocolate cake, red velvet, etc.), as well as brownies smothered in icing and various toppings (cookie dough, caramel, Oreos, etc.). Hidden among the oversized pastries is the chocolate chip fudge cup.

It sounds simple enough: a chocolate-chip cookie topped with heap of whipped fudge. The center of the cookie is soft and chewy, and is well studded with chocolate chips. The fudge on top is rich without being too sugary and is the element that puts this dessert above any normal cookie. I'm sure you too will find yourself scraping the remnants from the liner of the baking cup. And best of all, Sweet Jill's is open late.

The gigantic cupcakes!
The gigantic cupcakes!
Jessica Ford

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