Check Out a Nook Color, Get Free Starbucks Coffee This Saturday!

Now that Borders Bookstore is shutting down its locations, Barnes & Noble is the undisputed king of big-chain bookstores. But even Barnes isn't resting on its new position--they're giving out a free cup of Starbucks coffee this Saturday.

Of course, there's a small catch: Spend a few minutes chatting it up with the Nook representative in the  store tomorrow. You know Nook, right? Barnes & Noble's late entry into the e-reader game? Learn about the color touchscreen, check out Sudoku and Pandora Internet radio options, or test out its wi-fi. Heck, you might even be inclined to purchase one. 

Either way, there's a hot cuppa waiting to be poured by the barista when you're done*. And with tomorrow's forecast to bring record-low temperatures to Southern California, it just might be worth it to hear some spiel for some liquid warmth afterward.

* Can't promise they'll have the Clover brewing system, though. . . . Locate your nearest location at


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