Sometime duck doesn't taste like chocolate.
Sometime duck doesn't taste like chocolate.

Chatellier's Rare Game Sauce: Finally, An Answer To Foul-Tasting Duck

Have you ever killed a wild animal only to discover that it tastes like crap when you try to eat it?

Come on. Admit it: Your hunting endeavors haven't always put mouth-watering meat on your table.

In our continuing efforts to inform (and, of course, provide Christmas gift recommendations for the hard to impress), we point you to Chatellier's Rare Game Sauce, which I recently discovered in an Orange County gun store.

It's true that I haven't yet tried this product, but how can you ignore this fine selling point story from the manufacturer:

In 1977, two Connecticut hunters killed a bunch of ducks but the dead animals tasted "unpleasant" when they landed on the dinner plate. These hunters complained and a pal developed a concoction to mask the taste: Chatellier's special sauce. They say it's a "rich, spicy and sweet" flavoring.

If that hasn't sold you, consider this: It's not just terrible-tasting duck that can be redeemed. The sauce can also help turn foul-tasting elk and venison into a "bold" flavor that will cause you to munch with "gusto," according to the manufacturer. One reviewer at the Chatellier website even says the sauce is "addicting."

Go HERE to buy your $15 jars of the sauce. Better yet: Splurge. You'll get a $3 per jar discount if you buy a 12-pack.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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