We heard that chef assigns the BEST homework
We heard that chef assigns the BEST homework
Photo by Meranda Carter/OC Weekly

Charlie Palmer At Bloomingdale's Preps You For Thanksgiving

Instead of being annoyed by how soon holiday decor is being displayed in stores, we've opted to look on the bright side. Thanksgiving is barely a month away! Cravings for turkey, gravy and pumpkin spices fill us with joy (and calories).

While we brace ourselves for the roundup of places promoting holiday meals, our friends at Charlie Palmer planned ahead. They're offering a cooking class this week! Those who want to slave over a stove can learn from a pro. Everybody else? A bottle of red and white can win over most dinner parties.

Chef Kim will be your instructor on October 29 as he offers a "Brining and Dining" class in the Home Kitchen of Bloomingdale's. Learn the secrets to roasting a whole turkey, making legit giblet gravy and hot smoking trout (that's a technique, not a sexy fish) among other lessons. Your $105 evening begins at 6 p.m. and concludes with an expanded menu of what was taught, including wine selections. We want to study that sweet potato tart with candied bacon and pecans!

For more information on this event, please call (714) 352-2525.

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