Cafecito Organico to Open in Costa Mesa

There's only so much Starbucks one can take before craving something else. Next month, that alternative will be somewhere off Bristol. The LA-based coffee roaster Cafecito Orangico is currently building out their space in the LAB; next door to the fountains, to be exact.

Owned by Angel Orzoco and Mitch Hale, existing locations include two stand alone and three farmers market-based stops to get your caffeine fix. The chain is known for practicing sustainable and socially aware buying practices, having direct relationships or full traceability with the small the batches they roast.

Another feature is their East LA/Silverlake-ish theme found on their logo, Cafe o Muerte, referencing the Day of the Dead Mexican holiday. Make it a conversation starter after you're done marveling at the completely manual espresso machine, known as the Astoria Piston lever. Of course, for those on-the-go, brewed batches are available as well.

We're not surprised Alexandra LittleJohn (of Green Bliss and Portola Coffee Lab) is connected to this venture, as she's been championing the presence of quality specialty coffee in the county. Service by a friendly, well-trained team and Guatemalan-centric coffee selections? We just want to say, it's about time!

For more information on Cafecito Organico, visit their website.

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